PureCare is a family-owned and operated business, locally based out of Oakwood, Illinois. Our services include cleaning of all floor types: carpets, upholstery, tile and grout, and hardwood. Our main objective is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. PureCare does not just provide a service, we provide an experience! We want each customer to feel secure in knowing their floors are in great hands!

PureCare is not your average cleaning service! We hold ourselves to the highest standard available. We provide a “video-production” service along with each job done. Which means we record every cleaning for quality control. This also helps the customer make sense of the money they have spent. PureCare is here to solve a problem for the customer in which we strive to do every time! We will not be satisfied until the customer is!

In order to get to know exactly what our customers are looking for, PureCare likes to ask our customers if they have ever had their floors professionally cleaned before? If no then ok. If yes, and they do not mind in order to make them satisfied, we simply ask, “What was it that made them look for a different cleaning company?” Why didn’t the customer go back and re-use the same company? This helps us to understand what the customer really wants and expects. It also allows PureCare to fulfill that expectation!

One unique way we stand out from our competition, is understanding the science behind the dirt! Extensive knowledge and the balancing of ph levels is key to the removal of any stain. Discover the transformational power behind PureCare Today!

With brand new, state of the art equipment and only the highest quality chemicals, PureCare’s floor treatments are guaranteed to leave every customer with beautiful results.