Cleaning your hardwood or laminate floors is an incredibly important way of maintaining the health of your floors. Regular cleaning will preserve and extend the life of the floor before it begins chipping or splintering. Think about how much time you or your children spend on your hardwood floors. It is important that your floors are regularly sanitized, dusted, and cleaned to reduce the possibility of allergens or germs affecting you or a loved one.

At PureCare, we understand that you need your hardwood and laminate floor cleaning done by professionals. Your time is valuable, which is why our certified technicians can clean and extend the life of your floors while you take care of what you need to do. Leave the floor cleaning to the experts at PureCare. If you’re ready to increase the life of your hardwood floors, be sure to contact PureCare today at 217-497-1073.

PureCare’s Professional Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaning

We will determine how much acrylic and finish is built up on your floor by running a preliminary test and assessment. If your hardwood or laminate floor has too much acrylic on it, we will strip it from your floor without harming the wood underneath. Once there is a proper amount of finish on your floor, we will do a deep cleaning of your floor utilizing a neutral cleaner. This will remove any lingering dirt, grease, and germs. Once your floors are thoroughly cleaned by our technicians we will work with you to figure out how much refinish you want applied to your floors. Whether you want something that is thick and shiny or a little thinner, our technicians will help you find the right amount of finish for your floors. When you are deciding what kind and how much finish you want for your floor, be aware that a thicker finish will cost more per square foot that it is applied. Our basic refinish package is 1.00/sq.ft. We also offer a deep clean two step treatment for .80/sq.ft. The basic treatment neutral cleans the floor with a polishing buff for .50/sq.ft.

Scheduled Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaning

By having your floors cleaned by PureCare and our certified technicians you can increase the life of your floors. Many homeowners lament and dread the process of sanding your floors. Floor sanding is loud, invasive, and kicks up debris and dust particles in your home. By having your floor regularly cleaned by PureCare, you won’t have to worry about sanding your floors as frequently.

Regular hardwood and laminate floor cleaning can improve the longevity of your floors and increase the value of your home. It is easy to spot the difference between a floor that has been well-maintained for years and one that was only cleaned right before the house went on the market.

If you are a homeowner in the Oakwood, Illinois region, be sure to have your hardwood and laminate floors cleaned by the professionals at PureCare. No matter how dirty or how clean you think your floors are, having them regularly cleaned by a professional, certified company like PureCare will breath new life into them and keep them going strong for longer. Call us today for a free estimate on your hardwood or laminate floor cleaning in Vermillion & Champaign counties at 217-497-1073.

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